Failure Is Not An Option!!

Thanks to all members, again I can’t thank our membership enough for their support and understanding of a major program change like we have been challenged with…

We here in D7 have had to overcome some major nuances, such as Gotsoccer and the input of our local teams into our fall season scheduling program, which once those that needed our support and got it they are ready to go forward.

I’m really concerned about our future simply because so many leagues fail to comply with the deadlines set forth by your Playing Program committee. This has caused more issues than you can even imagine. So in the future deadlines are going to be our focus and if there is compliance then the flexibility will follow. People that is the only way it can become a dream!!! Failure is not an option!!

My lovely Wife always asks me why do you always get upset their only human? My reply is always “It’s not our memberships fault, it’s the constant changes that we have here in our Valley that are put upon us by our state office”.

So I really want to end this on a positive note. Our youth are always more important than anything else.

Here to serve….
Diego Haro

Playing League Chairman