Hey everyone, ready to dive into the New Year with a bang? I hope you’ve crafted some exciting resolutions for 2024. And hey, why not make one of them about spreading the love for soccer among the younger generation?

Let’s talk World Cup – those tickets will be up for grabs soon. Why not plan to take your kiddos to catch a game? Trust me, it’s like the Olympics – a once-in-a-lifetime experience that they’ll cherish forever. I still remember the thrill of watching the USA vs. Brazil quarterfinals at Stanford during the last World Cup – absolutely unforgettable!

Sure, memories are fantastic, but there’s something special about planning new experiences and adventures. Ever thought about expanding your soccer horizons? Whether it’s diving into coaching or refereeing education, snagging tickets to an MLS game, or volunteering to coach or referee in your League – now’s the time to get those plans in motion. Spring kick-off is just around the corner, and fall soccer season is creeping up faster than you think.

Guess what? The game is booming in District 7, and we want to keep that momentum going strong. So, let’s get those plans in place and make this year a soccer-filled adventure for everyone involved.

Big thanks for all your efforts in making soccer special for our players in D-7. You rock! 🌟

John M Hodgson