Escape Isolation With Flair


Covid got you down? Can’t get to the gym, can’t play soccer and can’t work with your team? 

 Well, a few years back, there was a Dutch coach who needed to recover from a heart attack. His doctors wouldn’t allow him to play and his wife wouldn’t allow him out of the house. His name was Wiel Coerver. The rest is history.

Koach Karl with Wiel Coerver (Back in-the-day) J

           Coerver got out a soccer ball and started slowly working the ball foot to foot. Back in the day, U.S. coaches would teach ball sensitivity with toe taps on top of the ball. Coerver drew the ball backward with his sole and played it quickly forward with his instep. He cut the ball with the inside of his foot across the back of the other foot, and then played it diagonally forward with the new foot. A cut with the new foot behind the original foot completed what was named the Coerver Move.

 (Click here for the rest of the story) and how you too can become the coach who inspires players by showing some flair on & with the ball.