Easy Steps to Youth Coaching



V. J. Stanley Jr.
President: Frozen Shorts

Nobody comes to a youth or high school sports game to watch a coach coach.  If an adult wants to become great youth coach pre puberty for the kids best long term interests? Here are 7 easy steps for all youth coaches’ pre puberty!


  1. Equal play.
  2. Let the kids play multiple positions,
  3. 9 out of 10 things said to kids is cheering positive with minimum instructions. (Do you really think they will get it done all correctly?)
  4. No yelling at kids on the field, court, or rink while they play,
  5. No post game talk,
  6. SNACK
  7. FUN for all.

They are just kids. They are not mini adults or micro professional athletes. They are not remote controlled robots attached to adults’ personal status and joy sticks.

1% will play at the DI level .99.9% will never play pro so why would anyone coach them that way? Play for fun!

Only 10% of the kids who are best at 12 are best at 18. Let them develop instead of the coach managing the game. No one knows how to win.

70% will quit by the time they are 13.Why? 1. The kids are not having fun. 2. Too much pressure from adults.3.Lack of playing time. Puberty changes everything.

A coach has only a 10% influence on the outcome of a game so they should not be heard, ALONG with the PARENTS,

10% of the time while the kids are playing. Adults call it coaching, kids call it interfering or in comedy terms, heckling… Play for fun the kids only know the score because you tell them. It’s adulting kids.

Ten minutes after the game adults are the only ones who care. It’s why kids hate the ride home after sports. They will play ALL day by themselves without a scoreboard. It’s the adults’ egos that remind the kids.

Do you really think that there won’t be a game if the coach isn’t there? We use Science instead of tradition, Psychology instead of hunches, and data instead of theory for these steps. Try them for one game. The kids will love it!

And don’t ever forget…

The Outcome of Our Children Is Infinitely More Important Than…

The Outcome of Any Game They Will Ever Play..! Koach Karl