District VII Youth Referee of the Year

Ariana Quintero

“How/Why did you become a referee?” 

I started playing soccer at the age of 4 and as I grew older, I learned more about the rules of the game. When I was 11, I refereed a couple of scrimmage games for my mom and got paid. I realized then, that I could get paid for doing something that involved the sport I love. The next year, I took the referee course and got certified.

What do you enjoy the most about refereeing? 

I enjoy the challenges that come with being a referee because they help make me a stronger person.

 What do you like the least about refereeing?

I dislike how some coaches and parents are loud and disrespectful.

What “words of wisdom/advice” would you like to share/give to:  Experienced Referees: Beginning;  Referees:  Coaches; Players:  Parents:

No one is perfect, so there’s always room for improvement.

If you had a magic-wand what major change(s) would you make in youth soccer?

I would change the mentality of those parents and coaches (that still remain) that ruin the game for their children by not allowing them to enjoy and develop in this beautiful game of soccer.