Born in the USA – Small Sided Games

4 vs 4 gameWhat makes for skillful play? What type of game encourages players to try clever tricks? The answer, obviously is small sided games. Yet still the majority of junior leagues in the country only play the adult game of 11-a-side where chance and force generally crush skill. To my mind there should be a national crusade to advance small sided leagues and then skill would stand a better opportunity to flower.

For all concerned, children, coaches and parents, small sided-games provide better prospects for enjoyable and educational participation than the full sided 11 v 11 games. If you wish your child or team to improve and express their abilities more fully, 4, 5 or 6 aside soccer is the vehicle that offers these opportunities. Consider these reasons as well.

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Graham Ramsay, Executive Director, The Soccer School (est. 1969)