FUNdamental Soccer Balls Sizes #2,3,4,5

Our premium quality soccer balls are made of waterproof soft composite leather lined with 4-ply non-stretchable synthetic material to insure roundness and balance. All soccer balls are Official size and weight.

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Size #4 – $19.95


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Size #5 – $19.95


To order balls, email

or call 559-447-1869

Bulk discounts available!

Regular retail price $19.95.

Available in sizes 2,3,4, & 5. 

Minimum order 50 balls $14.00/each

100-250 balls $12.00/each

250-500 balls $10.00/each

500-750 balls $8.50/each

750-1500 balls $8.00/each

over 1500 balls $7.50/each