Addendums to the 4v4 Game

Beginning this year, children in the U-6 & U-8 programs will participate in the game of soccer in a format that is better suited to their development.    Since the emphasis will be on participation, fun and learning soccer, some additional precautions need to be added to the ‘Modified Laws of the Game’ to avoid potential misunderstandings.

Here they are…

Coaches of both teams and the referees are to meet and discuss the following before the game begins:

There are no Goalkeepers in the 4v4 game and placing of a player on a semi or permanent basis in front of their own goal (guardian) will be considered an infraction.  To be corrected by the Referee & Coach when needed.

Since no ‘off-sides’ will be called the placing a player on a semi or permanent basis in front of the opponents’ goal (cherry-picker) will be considered an infraction. To be corrected by the Referee & Coach when needed.

Handling Infractions Once the Game is Underway:
1.Referee may comment to the Coach ‘ Coach, no cherry-picking, or guarding, Right?’ Then, address the player that they are not allowed to cherry-pick or guard.
2.Referee, stops the game asks the Coach to move that player out of that position & the game is not restarted until that player obeys the Coach.
3.Half-time break may also be used to remind coaches of infractions to the Laws.

No heading! heading the ballThis safety precaution was added to the Modified Laws to prevent concussions or other injuries.

The Referee will likely not follow the traditional ‘diagonal run’ pattern but will stay close to the action to see intentional infraction. Play will be stopped for intentional infractions and the offending player will be given an explanation of what they did wrong.

There will be many opportunities to explain infractions to players.  The explanation will be given loud enough for others to hear and basically teaching them: What it means to tackle the ball / not the player; how to legally charge /not push; keeping both feet on the ground for throw-ins and throwing it from behind the head/over the head using two hands.
Note: Giving the offending player a second chance to throw the ball in correctly, after a brief explanation, is highly recommended!

There will be no tolerance for players shouting at opposing players …as a momentary distraction or to keep them from doing what they are about to do.  Referees will take action to eliminate this behavior from the game.

An occasional comment (correctional or complimentary) to certain players, on both teams, when appropriate may be given.  Hopefully, Coaches and Spectators will appreciate this kind of respectful officiating.

Koach Karl