Dear All…

I think it’s almost Spring.  Snow, wind, and rain will not stop us.  Soon we will start Spring Play all over CYSA/CalNorth and District – 7.

The District-7 Board approved the “Cinco v Cinco” event to be held on May 6th, 2023.  This will be a FUN day of 5 vs. 5 soccer.  Details will be forwarded to your Leagues.

So as we start planning for spring, let us use this time to prepare more Game Day Facilitators for fall play.

It is also time to plan Coaching Education for your Coaches. Yes, there are online courses. 

But in-person in the classroom and on the field courses are much more FUN! Our District-7 Staff can customize courses to suit your needs, from organizing practice to 3rd attacker/defender we can help.  

We even offer insights to your player management; let us get together and discuss player needs.

District-7 and CalNorth are your partners in growing soccer. The World Cup is coming; let us use this Global Event to reach out and Build the Game.