Even though our daily lives may have been temporarily upended or interrupted, it’s not an excuse to sit-back and mope. Don’t look at this situation as a setback, but rather as an opportunity — an opportunity to show you care and prove that you’re capable of handling anything and everything that is coming our way. When you get back to the soccer field show your players that you and they are ready.

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  • Reach out to your players and ask them how they’re doing and whether they’re OK?
  • Organize (Virtual) soccer practices as a way for team to connect.
  • Give home-play (homework) assignments!
  • Encourage your players to communicate about individual workouts they are performing to keep each other motivated.
  • Have the players watch a game and assign a specific player for them to watch; then come together virtually to discuss their observations.
  • Have the players watch a sports movie and then come together virtually to discuss the lessons learned.260 Friends Watching Tv Stock Illustrations, Cliparts And Royalty ...

The U.S. Center for SafeSport recommends all coaches/adults keep these guidelines in mind when communicating with youth players:

  • Get parent/guardian permission for each type of online communication you use with athletes, including team apps, video sharing, and virtual training sessions.
  • Should you need to communicate with an individual athlete, always copy the athlete’s parent/guardian or another adult. This includes notifying them with dates, times, and links to individual virtual sessions.
  • Just like in-person meetings, one-on-one virtual interactions must be observable and  and require written consent.
  • Include the entire team in communications whenever possible and appropriate.
  • Be transparent and professional in all communication with athletes and parents/guardians.
  • Help your players raise the awareness of social distancing and organize something like the ‘Paper Towel Challenge!’


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