D-7 Girls Referee of the Year 2017

Lynlee Davis

Question: How and Why did you become a referee?

Lynlee: I became a referee for Robert to learn the rules of the game and further my knowledge in the sport of soccer. Once I got into it, I realized how much more the job was and that I had a lot of fun refereeing games.

Question: What you like the least about refereeing?

Lynlee: I dislike the snide comments both coaches and parents make on the sidelines, even though I don’t show anything. I believe that one should be experienced in the job before they can start commenting on how a referee does during the games.

Question: If you had a magic-want what major change(s) would you make in youth soccer?

Lynlee: I would like the referees to be given much more respect by others involved with the game. People, especially the parents of the players and coaches, believe they know the game better than the referees do and don’t respect them the way the referees should be respected. With the magic-wand, I would like to open the people’s eyes so they could respect the referee and the job the referee holds.

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