Coaches: Have a Plan…

With spring beginning, many teams are forming both ‘returning’ teams (from the Fall season) and ‘new’ teams (teams combining to have enough players to play in “off season”). With these ‘new’ teams; Leagues are having challenges in trying to locate additional coaches to help out.

Many of these ‘new’ coaches may be new to the game, never coached before (not just soccer but other sports as well), and they may be very reluctant to step up and help out. The simplest advice to give any people in this type of situation is…. Have a plan.

First; they should be thanked for stepping up, so the kids can play. They should also be given some guidance on where, what, and who can help them with coaching resources for this game.

Now; there are many places to get resources to help these coaches with creating both fun and creative opportunities for players to develop their playing skills.

The District has a ‘Coaching Education Playing League Requirement’ that will be mandated for the upcoming Fall Playing League, but we encourage coaches to not wait until the last minute. The District offering is just one of several methods available. We, at the District, value both past and present methods (and licenses) to satisfy this requirement.

Whether a coach uses the US Soccer’s Grassroots method, previous licenses (that are no longer offered) from other associations, or our District “Mentoring Program”; there is a value (direct path) to help coaches understand the importance of having a plan for their team’s development and fun.

We encourage coaches to go to our District website ( ) to help them begin their search for resources. Also; we can put them in contact with individual’s who will help them with these resources, so it can be fun for the coaches along with the players and parents. Start here and let the fun begin!!!

Good luck on there and have fun!!!

Mike Hodges
D7 Coaching Coordinator