Improve In Isolation by Keith Tabatznik

Coaches all over are doing a superb job of providing players with ways to improve during the “Coronavirus shutdown”.  While that should be their first priority it is also a perfect time for a coach to improve their own ‘game’.

Following are some ideas to help improve your coaching.

1)        Do you have a coaching philosophy?   This is the statement you make (be it private or public) that you live by as a coach. Think of it as your mission statement.

2)        Can you make your training sessions more effective?  Regardless of the level you coach or the amount of years you have coached – self-reflection is a key to improving. After each training session asking yourself what went right, what could have gone better and how will you make it better should be part and parcel of your “job”. Now take a look at some of your favorite sessions and ask yourself the following 3 questions:  (click: FUNdamental SOCCER)

3)        Practice your ability to analyze a game and improve your players.       While we are all being kept away from our players and teams for the time being, we can really improve ourselves – hence improve our players by doing exactly what we are asking of them – practice by yourself. Above are just 3 areas where you can improve yourself as a coach.

Betters Coaches = Better Players = Better Teams

Good luck, stay healthy and remember this:

“When we are through learning, we are through – period.”

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