This Embodied What I Was Seeking

When my oldest daughter first started playing soccer I wanted to make sure I wasn’t one of those parents you hear so much about.  I didn’t want my daughter to feel pressured because I played soccer in college. Sure I wanted her to be active and physically fit but if she enjoyed a sport I wanted it to be on her own terms.  I had a teammate when I grew up that had an overbearing father. I am sure my friend’s father meant well but he was so hard on his son that despite his son being a High School All-American his sophomore year he stopped playing by the time he reached his senior year. I didn’t want to be like that parent. 

I have been a Cal North coaching instructor for over 20 years and I always end each coaching course I teach with a quote I learned from Koach Karl –  “The outcome of our children is infinitely more important than the outcome of any game they will ever play”.    I felt this embodied what I was seeking —but- I wanted something that helped define how to accomplish this noble thought.. So I did some research and found…Here is what I found.

Craig Winans, Cal North. 2nd Vice Chairman