Celebrating the D-7 Fall Season

Hope you are all enjoying the summer and not overheating too much.

Fall Season is here, and the excitement in the air is palpable as the D-7 Soccer Leagues gear up for registrations and team formations. Whether you’ve been a longtime enthusiast or are just discovering the joy of soccer, there’s something special about this sport that brings us together. Why Do We Soccer?

Soccer is not just another sport; it holds different meanings for each of us. Some play it for the love of “the beautiful game,” while others find inspiration in family members or friends who share the same passion. For many, soccer is a way to give back to the community. The adrenaline rush of running on the field with friends, practicing set pieces, and scoring goals drive some players, while others dream of nurturing the next Messi, Alex Morgan, or Christian Pulisic.

The Essence of Enjoyment:

Whatever the reasons that bring us to the soccer field, one aspect stands out – the enjoyment of the game. Whether you’re a player, coach, or administrator, finding joy in what you do should be at the core of your experience.

Acknowledging Dedication:

I have had the privilege of meeting and communicating with some of you who are dedicated and committed to your various roles in the soccer community. Your hard work in the Leagues and District 7 is commendable, and I express my gratitude to each one of you. I’m aware there are countless others I haven’t met who contribute their all to ensure kids can play soccer and have FUN.

Renewing the Enjoyment:

Sometimes, we might need a little help to reignite the full enjoyment of what we do. Coaches, for instance, could consider attending refresher courses or in-person training sessions to invigorate their coaching methods. While using the internet as a resource is beneficial, D-7 offers valuable in-person courses that can enhance your skills, motivation, and networking opportunities. Feel free to reach out to your League or Linda at the District Office for Coaching Courses, Game Day Facilitator Courses, or just a Good Old Chat about the game itself.

Empowering the Season:

Let’s make this upcoming season an enjoyable one because when we enjoy the game, then the players enjoy it!

Call to Action:

Share your stories and reasons with us, and let’s celebrate the sport that brings us all together. If you haven’t joined a soccer league yet, this Fall Season could be your perfect opportunity to embark on a thrilling journey.