Cautious Optimism

February brought us some more positive news, and hope that we may be back playing soccer late spring / early summer – if things keep progressing the way they have been.

After the release of Governor Newsham’s statement on Friday 19th, the Board of CYSA  held meetings to try to focus on what that means for you and your teams in all Districts of CYSA.  We are not yet at the position where we can return to practice or play, but the numbers look like we could be moving that way soon.

All of our players, coaches, spectators, and officials’ health is very important and must be utmost in all of our thoughts, especially when practice and then play can restart. Specific rules have been put in place to help ensure all participants’ safety, e.g., participants can only participate in one game a day.  This means coaches and their team and the referee should only be playing one game a day to ensure that there is not too much interaction with a large number of individuals.

Once the State has allowed return to play, we at District 7 are hoping to start playing as soon as possible/practicable – be it in-house teams or league play. We will have to be inventive and work together. Some areas may struggle to get fields, for example, so as a District, we need to find solutions to these issues when we find out what they are.

For the District playing League – we will have to be inventive and reactionary in order to give those wishing to play League as good an experience as possible, especially as we do not know when play can start and therefore cannot plan. We have a few options open to us depending on when play does begin.

However, Leagues and coaches can help speed up the return to play, when we do get the nod, by acting now.

Registration will be open at the time of this publication.  

The CYSA Board has agreed that registration paid now will cover both this coming Spring and the following season…  a bargain if ever I heard one!

All those tasks that coaches need to do before they can get their pass should be done now, e.g., safe sports so that we can all get playing as quickly and seamlessly as possible when allowed.