Boys Referee of the Year Part 2

Q & A (Part 3)

What “words of wisdom/ advice” would you like to share or give:

Experienced Referees:

My advice would be to never underestimate any team who may not be up to par against their opponents because anything can happen in a matter of plays.  Consistency is key to rising through the ranks of a referee because the more intense the game is the more experience we as officiators are exposed to, whether it is a recreational, competitive, or state level game.  It is crucial to stay consistent as we grow as referees. We learn something new every game which we should always take away from because who knows what can occur during those ninety minutes of play.

Beginning Referees:

At first it is going to be an uncomfortable feeling because of what is expected from a referee during the game.  However, do not let this take you away from the game because at first, it will not click and because it takes consistent practice at each age level to grow and understand the game better through our perspective.

The players, coaches, and fans may be intimidating, but remember who is in charge of the game and mark the calls that you feel are correct.  Ignore the side comments from those who are not referees because they do not see from your perspective what must be called.  In order to become a mature referee it will take dedication and practice on and off the field.  That is why it is crucial to pay close attention to details before, during and after the game.  If you have to, which I suggest the beginning referees do, take notes on calls you felt you were not certain about.  Then, ask another referee about them after the game, so you can learn from your mistakes. I was not the best referee in my first year.  It took me three years to finally become a mature and understandable referee.  Even to this day, I am still growing as the level of play gets more competitive.  I constantly grow through each game that comes my way.  I went from doing recreational and competitive level games as the assistant referee to center referee.   I am now doing ‘centers’ for high school varsity games, as well as ‘quarter final’ playoff games.  If I am able to do this, then so are you, with hard work and commitment for the game as an officiator.