Best Advice

Jamie Lloyd Davies’ advice is as follows;
  • If you can recreate game-based scenarios that allow the children to play and the coaches observe and intervene. That’s perfect in my eyes.
  • Keep thinking about putting the child first, so that means Developing the whole child (technical, tactical, physical, mental, social skills)
  • Give them ownership to deal with situations and scenarios that the game throws at them will set them up for life inside and outside of football
  • Finally, it’s about inclusion! Try to ensure EVERY player gets an equal opportunity to develop; just because some players are “best” now, it doesn’t mean they will always be “best” all the way through.
  • Every child deserves the same opportunity to enjoy and evolve on their personal or football development.


I wish everyone the best in their football/soccer journey.

Kindest Regards

Jamie Lloyd Davies

Executive Director and Head Coach at California Storm Women’s Team