Seasons Greetings to you all.  After Thanksgiving, it’s Christmas, so I wish you all the best and hope you have a wonderful time with Family and Friends.

But this year, Soccer dominates the Holiday Season.  Yes, it’s the World Cup! It’s the biggest sporting event in the world. It is bringing people together from all over the world.  It’s a bit like Christmas, which brings people together once a year. World Cup is every 4 years.  Except we all know that Soccer in District 7 and CYSA/CalNorth brings us all together for many Saturdays and Sundays throughout Spring and Fall.

As we reminisce on 2022, let’s remember all the great games we played, especially how much FUN it is to be part of the world of soccer.  Let’s continue in 2023 to bring more players back to the game.

I challenged our leagues to get 15000 players registered and playing. At the latest count, we are at 15001.  So I thank you for all the work you all did to get kids on the field to have FUN playing this great sport.

May your team do well in the World Cup, there will be one winner, and that is the GAME.  Yes, there will be a Champion Country, but the game wins.

Be part of the winning team, PLAY Soccer and have FUN!