Ball Control Skills for Goalkeepers!

Happy June, everyone!

How exciting, we can finally get out and play more soccer, so let’s get to it! So, all this time, we’ve talked about footwork and ball control skills. We haven’t talked about how it can help you in your position. This month, we will talk about the value of ball control skills for goalkeepers!

Here is a highlight video with goalkeepers using their ball control skills. A quick disclaimer is needed: As you become more confident in your skills, you can try them out in practice. Once you become very confident in your skills, you will find opportunities in games when they are needed. They are no longer “tricks”; they are simply tools you have available to you.

So, enjoy this video and get inspired to:

  1. a) work on your skills as a goalkeeper
  2. b) ensure your goalkeepers’ footwork is not overlooked.

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One characteristic you’ll find in all of the goalkeepers is that they are all calm and relaxed; they are sure of their skills. Be the goalkeeper who surprises the opposing team. Be the goalkeeper who can be the start of an offensive attack.

The more confidence we have in our goalkeepers, the better they can be part of the solution to getting the ball out of your half.