Are You A GREAT Coach?

The legendary John Wooden once said, “A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life.” I absolutely love that, because it’s good and right and positive. But we all know that that’s just one side of the coin.

The opposite to what Coach Wooden said is also true, “A bad coach can ruin a game. A horrible coach can ruin a life!” And too many coaches leave lasting and painful scars and wounds on their players!

Coaches, you have the power over young people to either do a tremendous amount of good, or a tremendous amount of harm. You have the power, platform, and position to either be the linchpin of individual and societal transformation and change, or to squander this opportunity and privilege.

Coaching is hard work. No doubt! The hours are long. You’ve got to deal with lots of parents who truly only want the best for their kid, but all too often try to live through them. You work with young athletes in highly emotional and public situations. The score is kept, and because of that your work is often judged week to week. It’s hard work!

Parents and leaders, we have to give coaches permission to be about more than just the outcome. Even the most transformational coach can’t thrive if success is measured by the scoreboard. For real culture change to happen, we must encourage and allow coaches to put the purpose of human growth and development over the goal of winning the game.

Train your brain. Transform your game… AND life!