Anne Hodgson –D7 Scheduler

Playing Program

Fall Season is almost done for most of the teams playing in the D7 Playing League, especially the older age groups.

Most, if not all, games have been played without a hitch and coaches have entered their scores very quickly.  This means as groups complete their season the office can inform winning coaches quickly and send out Medals.

Spring League information will be being sent out to coaches in the next couple of weeks.

District Cup

This year the District 7 Commissioner has requested that the Playing Program offered a District Cup which we hope to run as an annual event.

Playing in District Cup brings coaches into contact with coaches from other D7 Leagues and some District personnel.  This not only gives the teams an extra opportunity to play Soccer but shows that each team is a part of a larger group:  CYSA District7

We are hoping by re-introducing the District Cup we foster a sense of “family” throughout the entire District. This provides a greater opportunity for discussing coaches’ needs and how the District through the Leagues can help to meet those needs.