The Playing Program is coming to the end of the Fall season of 2022.

This has been an unusual season………………….. as stated last month, getting teams into GotSport and then into the relevant event was quite a marathon in itself for Registrars and Coaches. Then some of the quirks of the GotSport system made scheduling and visibility of schedules interesting. But we made it — mostly.

There were a couple of low points about the season.

It is always a worry of the Playing Program when to have a season at all. We must combine the abilities of teams within a division – mixing rec team with ‘comp’ teams. When we have to do this – which has been at least the last 3 seasons – we hope that the comp team coaches put their abilities as coaches to good use and ensure that, for the good of the game, both teams have an enjoyable experience.

Our Playing Program Handbook, under Coaches’ Responsibility, states a number of items below are just 3:

  • Teach the mental and physical skills of soccer
  • Stress sportsmanship
  • Ensure proper conduct of yourself, your team, and your parents before, during, and after the game.

Coaches should not only be looking out for their team but for all young people playing the sport.

  • They should be working at keeping a level playing field.
  • Demoralizing other teams with large scores only serves to put teams off playing.
  • We need more teams of all abilities, not less.

The players and some of the officials in a game are minors, and they should all be treated with courtesy. Again, as well as players, we cannot afford to lose any current officials or coaches.

Finally, CIF – cut into our season in the older age groups, meaning some games were not played. Very disappointing as our season was due to conclude two weeks before the CIF dates, as far as we were told.

Looking to the positive 

We look forward to Spring League and other new and exciting soccer opportunities our District has coming up early next year. We hope we get as many teams as possible to participate, ensuring everyone gets an enjoyable experience and gains skills during the season.

Those teams taking part in the Sanger, Clovis, and Lemoore tournaments, we hope you enjoy them.

We, the Playing Program Chairperson, and I wish you all a Very Happy Holiday Season.

And do look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in 2023.