My cat, Ava, has had to wear a cone due to and she makes me think she is in lockdown.  When we put the cone on her she immediately becomes a sad, pathetic, lazy, sleepy cat.  She can only just manage to get up to the top of the cat tree to sleep but will not entertain playing with her favorite toys at all.  As soon as her cone is removed, she runs around like a mad thing, meowing loudly at us to play with her constantly.

These last 6 weeks have been a very unusual time for us all.  For some it has been a time of great worry whether it be due to work commitments, age, health or financial worries.  The State lock down has affected us all in one way or another.

In some ways the Covid-19 lock down can have a similar effect on us as the cone does on my cat.

Not mixing with family and friends as we used to can make us sad.  Only being ‘allowed’ to leave the house for essential shopping, medicine and an hour of activity can lead to depression and a lack of motivation.  For some it will have the opposite effect.

The lock down will hopefully soon be lifted, and your teams can get back to practicing and playing.  The ways in which we can socialize may make this a very interesting time to come and some extra thought may be needed into how training sessions can be run.

I hope that everyone in our District 7 Soccer Community has been and continues to stay healthy and safe.