A New Year’s Pledge for Our Kids’ Sake!

In this brand-new year, let’s make a vow,

Our children’s growth matters more than any game, somehow.


Wins and losses in games will come and go,

But the lessons in their hearts will forever show.

As the clock strikes midnight, let’s toast with cheer,

To our kids’ futures, filled with love so dear.

In life’s grand scheme, games are just a part,

But the values we teach stay in their heart.

Let love and care be our guiding theme,

In every challenge, in every dream.

Beyond victories and the thrill of play,

Our kids’ character is what will stay.

So in, this year, let’s guide and inspire,

A legacy of love to play soccer that won’t expire.

In soccer and life, for our kids, let them both unfold,

A journey of joy and lessons untold.

Adults, Our Lesson for 2024…