A New World Kometh

Have you ever thought soccer was always the same? Think again. When you least expect it, things shift.

You might wonder, what more can they change? Field and goal sizes? Nope. But guess what?

The ball ⚽️ takes center stage.

Don’t worry, it’s still round, but for younger players, they’re suggesting a slightly different size. Recommendation from US Soccer for the U-13 age group to use a size four ball or a light size 5.

Dealing with change isn’t easy, but it’s how we grow. And there’s more to change than just the ball.

We’re also in need of more volunteers, coaches, and officials. Why? Because soccer’s popularity is booming, especially now that the pandemic is fading and the World Cup is on the horizon. We’ve got to be ready for all the new players.

Remember, soccer is a game for everyone. It brings us together from all around the district, and that’s something we can all get behind.

So, let’s welcome these changes and keep the game going strong in District-7.