Spring 2022 and exciting things are happening in District 7 and CYSA/CalNorth.

Spring League is here in many District areas. With all these teams playing, let us remember the new State event on May 7 and 8, the “5 de Mayo Soccer Tournament” sign up soon before all places are filled.

Soon to be announced a Game Day Facilitator course; time to get new referees for Spring and start preparing for next season.

Not to forget technology, CYSA/Cal North is moving to the Got Sport Registration system that fully integrates players and teams in one system. You can schedule events, set up your league schedules, and transfer your rosters into the events in this system.

To finish the news on April 24th, 2022, CYSA/ Cal North will be inviting your League to approve a Bylaw change that will, if passed, help move us forward into a new era of growth.

Thank You All…!