So, if 2020 had been a ‘normal’ year – on May 16th the vast majority of teams playing in District 7 Spring League would have completed their season, with 14 games to be played on May 30th, assuming we would have had no rain outs.  This year’s weather was perfect for a season to be played in full – typical!

But this year was not a ‘normal’ year and only a very few teams got to participate in any soccer games due to group sports being closed down by the Governor before our second District weekend could be played.

However, there is starting to be light at the end of the tunnel as certain aspects of lock down are being lifted – be it at different times in different locations.  But at least this means we can positively move forward to assuming Fall League will take place and that teams will be able to play again together.

The German Bundesliga started during May and the UK Premier League started training with a view to re-start the season on June 17th all be it without spectators at the game.   They are able to do that as their summer only ever reaches 70F – 80F, whereas for most of us in the Central Valley that is beautiful spring/fall type weather!

There are a number of learning points from these top league adult games restarting that we can take on board when we are allowed to resume.  But at least for now remain positive that Fall will be playable and that the District will be working on a Fall League and District activities as soon as we can.

I leave you with a ‘funny’ …..  our son suggested  that John try this at home with one of our cats. .. (Click)