Referee Courses scheduled at this time:

July 12th -13th Entry Level

5:-8pm Fri

8:30 – 4pm Sat


course # 29226

John Mendes


May 17th – 18th Grade 8 Entry Level

5:-8pm Fri

8:30 – 4pm Sat


course # 29347

Norma 531-5935

This NEW Grade 8 course is 9 hours long. Attendance to ALL 9 hours is MANDATORY (no excuses) and no make ups allowed.
Students have one week after the last meeting to complete a 50 question test online. Must pass with 80% (40 correct answers).

Registration for the courses is open NOW by going to (Become a Referee).

Questions? contact the contact person listed above or Pat Ferre at 559-280-3654.

Notify the D7 DYRA and/or D7 CYSA office of intent to be included in the selection process.- licensed and registered with USSF for the current year.District 7 officials interested in the requirements and selection process for the Regional Championships must meet or exceed the following District 7 requirements:Region IV Presidents Cup and Far West Regional Championships Referees Cal North District 7 US Youth Soccer

  • – prepared to show documentation verifying that the individual has refereed a minimum of 12 games within D7 during the previous season    of games.
    – Only 13 year old or older games will be considered to be valid during the selection process.
    – formally or informally observed by a D7 staff member a minimum of two times while working games.

Match considerations:

  • – 13 year old or older age group.
    – majority of matches worked to be at the center position of a 3-man system.
    – all match documentation to be properly and neatly completed
    – only USSF sanctioned CYSA (Cal North) matches within D7 will be considered as valid for the selection process.
    – n-house rec and comp games as well as tournaments within D7 are valid.

For more detailed information contact the following:

Patrick Ferre CYSA D7 office
District 7 Youth Referee Admin. 559-227-2972


Referee Send Off Form – Concussion (2015)

Referee Evaluation Form

Pre-game Checklist

For information on becoming a referee or referee training, click here to visit the CNRA website.

News & Updates

Presentation and Rational for the Instruction and Licensing of NEW USSF soccer officials

The following is meant to present a systematic way to help attract, train, improve and retain soccer officials.

The current practice for instructing and licensing soccer officials is for a sponsor to schedule a grade 8 Entry Level Referee Course.

The successful completion of this course allows the new official to work small sized and recreational games only.
Assignors should not be assigning grade 9 officials to competitive matches.

This is an introductory course that gives the interested individual enough relevant information to go out and “feel the waters”.
The Law Book, badge, insurance are no different than those for the grade 8 course.
This is a good way to give busy individuals (parents, coaches, relatives, …)  a chance learn the basics and get their first license.
The demands of the course are not as time consuming as those of the grade 8 course.
More people may be willing to sign up for this course which may in turn help the sponsor.
Sponsors can schedule either course when it best fits their situation.
Some do it during weekends while others may find week day evenings more appealing.
Course can also be spread out over many days.  Church and family outings on weekends, after school activities, are all things to consider.
Sponsors of close by areas can work together to allow those who miss part of a course the opportunity to attend another in order to complete the course.
The grade 8 course as described above is much more demanding, costs the sponsor more money and in the long run may or may not be a good investment for the sponsor.

Grade8 – the individuals ARE USSF licensed officials.  They must renew their license each year starting in July at a current cost of $45.

A grade 8 official can stay a grade 8 forever as long as they renew the license each year.
There is no additional cost to move from a grade 9 to a grade 8.

In District 7, if an individual who is licensed as a grade 8 or 9 is asks or volunteers to help officiate a match that needs the help of an official to start or continue, that official will be paid for their service.  Documentation must be made on the game card.


Press Release: Cal North Announces Heading Protocol

Pleasanton Ca. (February 24, 2016) – Chairman Pete Zopfi and Executive Director Matthew Madeira announce that Cal North, in accordance with U.S. Soccer guidelines and intent, is implementing the following rules for heading:

No heading for players 12 years old and younger in games.
Abide by U.S. Soccer recommendations for heading in practice (heading training for players age 11 to 13 years of age should be limited to a maximum of 30 minutes per week with no more than 15 to 20 headers per player per week).

When a player deliberately heads the ball in a game, an indirect free kick should be awarded to the opposing team from the spot of the offense. However, if a player deliberately heads a ball within their goal area, the indirect free kick by the attacking team should be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the point nearest to where the infringement occurred.
“A large part of our passion for the game is doing all we can to promote the safety and health of our valued players”, said Madeira. Zopfi comments “Cal North has been, and will continue to be, a leader in concussion awareness within youth soccer.”

Cal North will continue to monitor decisions made by U.S. Soccer with regards to concussion protocol and heading.