For information on becoming a referee or referee training, click here to visit the CNRA website.

Renew your referee license starting July 8th: Log on to

You are still able to Renew: Log on to In the top banner you will find 2020 Registration Update.

During these idle times there are some resources officials can use to update their understanding and knowledge of the Laws of the Game. Soccer linesman referee wave the flag to point an offside ...

Here are some sites:

  • Log on to  In the top banner check Now Available: Weekly Webinar. Signing up for the webinar is Free.
  • Log on to CNRA youtube to watch previous webinars.
  • Long on to the for the most current decisions of the International Football Association Board

Any NEW REFEREE can sign up for it.  The field session is still being done online FOR THE TIME BEING.

Those who sign up must complete the online course BEFORE they can sign on for the field session.

Click below for more information:

Interested in Sponsoring or Signing up for a USSF Entry Level Referee Course

The following are general notes regarding any individual, group, league, etc… interested in sponsoring or signing up for a USSF Entry Level Referee Course.

Are You, or someone you know, interested in refereeing soccer games?

        Do you believe you have the knowledge and skill to become a licensed soccer official?


    There is an increasing demand for officials and additional help is always welcomed. For more details and information use the contact email below:

While the need continues to rise, the number of willing and available officials seriously lags behind the increasing demand. One of the main reasons shared by most officials is that there always are many “officials” along the sidelines.  Those individuals are willing to openly question, criticize and degrade the work being

done by the officials on the fields, yet most are not willing to roll up their sleeves and use their “expertise” to help out.

  YOU can make a positive impact by becoming a licensed referee and putting on a uniform or by refusing to accept or support the unsporting and irresponsible behavior coming from the sidelines


General information for NEW individuals who want to become licensed referees.

  1. Log on to Click on Referees tab and follow the instructions.
  2. Signup and register for a course of choice online
  3. Minimum age 13 years old
  4. $75 registration fee paid online
  5. No classroom instruction. All instruction is done online.
  6. Successfully complete all instruction and testing AT LEAST 24 hours prior to the scheduled field session
  7. Attend the REQUIRED 3-hour field training session
  8. Receive badge at the conclusion of the field session.
  9. Congratulations and now officially eligible to referee.

General information for the individual or group HOSTING a Grassroot course.

  1. Obtain the $300 course fee to be sent to CNRA
  2. Select the starting date of the course AND the date, location and times of the REQUIRED 3-hour Field Session. See IMPORTANT NOTE BELOW.
  3. NOTE: courses that end prior to June 29 are registered for the current year.

Registration expires on December 31 of that year.

Courses that end after July 1 will be registered for the current year AND the following year.

  1. As needed locate a licensed USSF instructor willing to teach the field session.
  2. Log on to and click HOST an Entry Level Course for instructions.
  3. The course will not be posted online until the course fee is received by CNRA
  4. Students can sign up at anytime but MUST complete ALL requirements at least 24 hours prior to the field session.
  5. The field session instructor will receive a list of eligible participants and only those on the list can participate in the field session. There are no make ups.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  When applicants are 18 years or older they will need to complete a background check which may take some time (anywhere from 1-2 days to 1-2 weeks).  If the background check is not completed BEFORE the field session date the individual will be dropped from the course.

 Pat Ferre, D7 DYRA or (559) 280-3654