There is nothing stronger than having FAITH in each other and having FAITH that things will turn out right and currently things must turn out right because we need to:

Have FAITH that the season will soon begin and …


Fundamentals – Use the ‘9-Step Practice’ to ingrain both Attacking/Defending habits.

Attitude – See Players as students, Referees as impartial and Parents as family.

Improve your knowledge of player development, the game and the rules.

Teamwork – Work cooperatively with other adults

Homework – Do it to improve yourself in order to improve your players.


Fundamentals without them you are nothing!

Attitude must be positive to learn the fundamentals.

Intelligent application of fundamentals and attitude are essential.

Teamwork – You can’t do it by yourself.

Hard work – You must practice/play soccer every day.


No need for FAITH because you are omnipotent according to FIFA.


Fun is what you need when making and applying the rules keeping the players in mind.

Attitude must be proper and always putting the children/players first.

Intelligent rules must be developed in order to keep the children/players safe.

Teamwork is your bottom line when working with other adults.

Hard work is needed because just having a title does not accomplish the job!


Forget attending a game if you are having a bad day.

Attend games only after a night of alcoholic bingeing.

Inner peace – We promise that the game & your child will turn out OK.

Tape – Duct tape around the mouth seems to do the job.

Home – is where some adults should be while their child is playing.

More FAITH-full recommendations for Coaches, Players, Referees, Administrators and Parents will be shared at the:

D-7 Soccer Chatboree on October 20th starting at 7:07 p.m.



Keepie Uppie & Chatboree…

A movement in which you bounce a ball off any part of your body, except your hand or arm, in order to prevent it from hitting the ground.

Keepie Uppie is a good individual exercise during this time of Covid lockdowns for anyone hoping to keep up with some of their soccer skills.

It is a great way of individually challenging your players: – see who can do the most before the ball hits the ground; how many can do this exercise for 30 minutes plus.

This exercise can be done any time but is especially useful while we are in the lockdown phases of covid.

Where I was brought up, you often saw that anyone on their own with a ball would be either standing still playing Keepie Uppie or walking somewhere trying to keep the ball off the ground for as long as possible while moving forward.

Many professional and non-professional soccer players have posted videos of themselves doing Keepie Uppie, often incorporating tricks like stopping the ball on the nape of the neck and then starting it all off again.

It is quite mesmerizing to watch and see all the different parts of the body the ball can bounce from and the player anticipating where the ball will drop so they can tap it up again.

Keepie Uppie could also describe what we should be doing with the news!

Where are the forest fires?

What is the latest position on covid?

What impact has it had on some of our players, teams, opponents?

What does that mean for us, as far as condition training, practice, or playing?.

What do the fires mean for our air quality, which then has an impact on our conditioning and practice?

What news has come out of CYSA?  Do you know?

Well to find out, tune into our District Soccer Chatboree.

This is open to anyone interested in what has been happening and what is hoped to happen with regards to soccer under CYSA.

In-house teams – why do you need to know about CYSA?

Well your League is part of the CYSA family.  You are part of this ‘family’ and you have access to the District staff.  If you wish to chat or have support from us, you are entitled.

This Chatboree is a time for us to re-introduce ourselves and for you to tell us what we can do for you.

Part of your registration fees go to affiliate you to CYSA (State level and District level), whatever level of play you are within your League.

Do you know what those fees are spent on?

Do you know what events were held by CYSA at State and District level?

Do you know what is being worked on for the time covid restriction are lifted?

In order for soccer to be successful again post covid, join our Soccer Chatboree and hear from the District Commissioner and a couple of other District Staff AND have your say.

We need your participation and for you to Keepie Uppie regarding what is happening and for us to Keepie Uppie with your needs.


Keepie-Uppies, juggling, freestyle football…

You’ve heard it called by different names, but they all refer to the fun of keeping the ball up using almost every part of your body aside from your hands!

Last month we shared some tips on practicing ground moves in your house. This month we’re covering what we call freestyle football. It goes beyond counting how may touches you can get, freestyle football asks how many combos can you do and then how flawlessly can you connect them. If juggling was a game of checkers then freestyle football is like the chess. The combos are limited only by your imagination. Sure you have your basics such as the ATW (around the world) and HTW (hop the world), crossovers, etc. Then you have uppers, sit-downs, block moves, and more.

We’re going to share Azun’s tutorial on freestyle He’s the former freestyle champion and known around the world! Here are 10 beginner tricks to put you or your player on the path to some amazing ball control skills.


We’ll continue to share more and help put you on your path to ball mastery!

Coach Louie and the SISM Team

To All in District 7…

Rumor is we may go from Purple to Red, with new guidelines from the State, County and your Cities.  We all hope this happens soon.

One date mentioned is around October 13th.  But we all know what happened last time, no sooner did the State start to open up then we were closed down again!

We are part of a community that is undergoing many hard ships at present, due partly to Covid 19, displacements because of the fires and poor air quality to name a few.

Another event occurring in District 7 is Election Time.  The role of District Commissioner is up for grabs.

I will be offering to serve District -7 again and I think we have some challenges coming up on which we will all need to work together to bring soccer back to the kids.

I believe WE ALL need soccer to be back.

With all the above in mind, District 7 has decided to hold a ‘Soccer Chatboree.’ A chat time open to all in D-7 to be held on October 20th.  I hope you will join us and until then  Stay Well and Safe.

John M Hodgson

D7 Commissioner


Number One Priority is Players Safety

 Athletes of all ages and at all levels have the potential to be injured and it is the Number One Priority of all officials to keep players safe.

The game is constantly evolving and changes will take place.  Whether it is due to players size, speed, strength or equipment, officials are expected to keep players safe from injuries.  As safety concerns arise, there may be additions or revisions to the Laws of The Game.  Officials must follow the Laws and have the courage to enforce them.

Instructors, mentors, coaches and assignors not only must make sure that officials know the Laws and how to enforce them, but they must stand by the officials and support them when the time comes.

Laws dealing with such things as jewelry, casts, shin guards, concussions, tackles committed in a reckless manner or with excessive force, must be enforced by all officials in order to safeguard the players.

When an injury occurs, it is important for the official to recognize it immediately and determine if additional help is needed.  Officials are not expected to be amateur physicians and any doubt on the part of an official, he/she is expected to err on the side of caution and immediately summon help.

Officials should be prepared to offer any information related to the injury and possibly not seen by the medical staff.

When it comes down to player’s safety, officials need to carefully consider whether a simple warning for a foul that injures an opponent is the correct and proper decision to be made in that instance.  The message being sent to and received by those involved in the match may set the tone for the remainder of the contest.

I hope you will join me at the ‘D-7 Soccer Chatboree’ where we can discuss this and other issues on your mind!


From the D7 Office

This has been a most trying year for all of us.  We hope this finds all of our D7 family safe and well.   Our wish is to soon have our kids enjoying their game of soccer in a safe and healthy environment .    KIDS FIRST.

Even our office has not escaped the year…we had water damage to the restroom and kitchen caused by a massive water leak in the vacant space next door. Currently repairs are under way and should be done soon.

I am here during regular working hours if you need anything at all please either call 227-2972  or email

We are excited to announce our first  SOCCER CHATBOREE to be held on Tuesday Oct 20     7:07PM……………..More details to follow.


Kevin Crow

Cal North Technical Director

Last month when I read the Cal North District 7 newsletter, one of the topics caught my attention and I could not help but reach out to Coach Karl and applaud his choice of topic “learning how to fall”!  Below is a bit of my soccer playing background and personal reflection on the topic.

I was fortunate to play high level youth, high school, collegiate, professionally from 83-92′, Olympics during 84′ & 88′, and Nationally with the US National team back in the 80’s. Yes, that means I’m getting old but that also means I played in many games and trained thousands of times during a 20 plus year span.  Guess what?  Over that entire span I only missed 1 game for an injury which when I look back is a pretty remarkable achievement. Between my college and professional seasons I played in over 800 high level games and missed only 1!

Yes, I did benefit from an overall pretty athletic body but the main reason as I explained to teammates, coaches, trainers and others who asked “how I never got hurt?”, was simple-“I was flexible and I learned how to fall at a young age”. A common follow up question was “how did you learn those things?” because most coaches and club curriculum do not teach and/or even have those items listed. Well, I was fortunate because back in the day my mom took all 4 of her kids to Cal State Hayward with her while she was finishing up her teaching credential. As a 7 year old if I was not in class with her I was put into a gymnastic program at the university. This was done more as a babysitting solution but I enjoyed the program and this is how and when I learned to become flexible and just as important I learned how to tumble and fall!  The good old “shoulder roll” saved my bacon so many times I cannot even begin to explain them all!

As I developed an aptitude and passion for the game of soccer I simply took these skills into the sport. Over the years I cannot count how many times I saw teammates or opponents fall and hurt themselves by simply being knocked over and fighting the fall instead of using the momentum of the fall and rolling out of it.  How to fallIt made no sense to me but I quickly learned over the years that this decision to roll out of a fall verse fighting it was not a natural decision….rather it had to be learned and developed just like juggling a ball does.

So, I am a big fan of teaching basic tumbling and of course the importance of stretching in all youth sports. It should be a part of every club’s basic curriculum. Coaches want their players to play and compete on the weekend and players want to stay healthy. No one likes missing games due to injuries that could have been prevented.

The Ultimate Reason to Follow Covid Regulations?

Because the Outcome of Our Children’s Health,

Is Infinitely More Important…

Than the Outcome of any Game/Practice;

 We Will Need to Cancel!”

Your FUNdamental,

Koach Karl

 Karl Dewazien

D-7 Recreation Chairperson