World Cup – How You Can Learn From Russia 2018

To my mind it is the best camp or coaching school you can attend, as you can observe some of the best players and teams play on soccer’s greatest stage – FIFA WORLD CUP.

First get organized and prepared. Don’t wait until it starts. Get ahead by planning TV schedules and researching newspapers like SOCCER AMERICA , NEW YORK TIMES & L.A.TIMES.

Graham Ramsey
Executive Director, The Soccer School

You will see a ton of information from team news, formations, tactics, etc. Identify what you want to learn more about. If its goalkeeping then there’s a whole crop of ‘keepers coming through like EDERSON of Brazil. Learning from TV. First learn to edit the commentary as some get into trivia & emotional rants.

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World Class Event in Fresno

Fresno Men’s and Women’s winners receive an all-expense paid trip to Miami, FL.  The US National winners receive an all-expense paid trip to Brazil. Neymar Jr. hosts the Global Finals featuring over 60 countries from around the world.

Melly’s Fustal
Hard Surface

Neymar Jr.’s Five Fresno Qualifier May 12th 10:00 AM
Address: Mellysport Futsal, 4055 N Chestnut Diagonal, Fresno, CA
Surface: Hard Court (no cleats!)
Team Registration Fee: $30
Teams: Maximum 7 Players (5 on the field, 2 substitutes)

Ages: 18-25 (two players over 25 but under 27 allowed)
Divisions: Men’s & Women’s

*The men’s division can also be comprised of coed players

Minimum of 3 games to be played

For any questions, please contact  

Please share with your soccer community. Thank You!!!

Your FUNdamental, Koach Karl 

World Advanced Skill Training in District 7

Soccer in Slow Motion has been around since 2010 and throughout the years we have been teaching the advanced skills to clubs and academies around the world with our team of coaches. So it was a big surprise in 2016 when we began to hear that US Soccer was going to begin to implement modified rules to the game for the young and developing soccer players.

We were even more excited to get the opportunity to sit down with Karl Dewazien who was instrumental in helping make the shift to small-sided game play a reality for US Soccer and learn more about his FUNdamental Soccer ‘9-Step Soccer Practice’ as a means of improving our training structure.  With a system geared towards small-sided game play, we had to try it out as we’re always looking for ways to improve our program.

So how’d it go? We found it to be an excellent system to insert the teaching of our skills into. Like our training’s, the ‘9-steps’ emphasizes individual skill development through 1 v 1 training which then builds towards larger game play on the topic of the day.

Did you know there are world championships for the 1 v 1 Panna competitions?  SISM hosts an international competition that draws some of the top competitors from around the world. In 2016 an 11-year old from Japan came to compete and dominated his age bracket and more. Here’s a clip of Shiou’s Warmup:

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Fixing Soccer in the US!

The Technical Director for US Youth Soccer Sam Snow was recently interviewed about “What is Working and What Needs to Change” in Youth Soccer Today. I did not run for president of U.S. Soccer. However I turned 60 this year and having grown up in the United States watching, playing and coaching the game of soccer grow I felt I should express my viewpoint.

Parent education – I wholeheartedly agree this is at the top of the list. I remember hearing the question – What is the best youth team to coach? And the answer was a team of orphans. Not all that funny when you think about it.

Parents can be such a positive influence, yet we continue to see parents yelling at referees (over 60% of which are teenage referees). This negatively effects how long a referee continues to referee. The average length of time that a referee continues to referee is 1 year! One year! How can we expect these young referees to improve if they only stay one year? These are parents and they should know better than to be yelling at someone else’s child.

Click here to see my viewpoints on How to Fix Soccer in the United States.

By Craig Winans

Emeritus 2nd Vice Chairman, CYSA USSF Licensed Coach


Tonight when out for a walk I came across a very different sight, actually it was very unusual!  Was it that the four kids I saw used the crosswalk? Waited for the cars to stop? No there where two girls and two boys between 7 and 12 years old….carrying a soccer ball. They had been at a school yard playing soccer.

John M Hodgson
CYSA/Cal North D7 Commissioner

In this day and age of win at all cost, only play if the conditions are perfect, not playing if “my best players are missing”, I was reminded that 98% of the kids play for fun.  I wonder if these kids had watched a Fresno FC or Fresno State game, did they pretend to be Neymar or Messi.

So to all out there I remind you this is the kids game, let them play, US Soccer has given us the adults a great opportunity to change the game. Small side games equals more touches. No heading means concentration on foot skills. Build out lines to teach building from the back.

Kids should play in their age groups on the appropriate size fields, remember if a player is 11 and plays on a U13 team it is a different size ball, bigger ball means more weight.

There is a reason for different sizes of equipment it’s based on the development of our players.

The Game Humbled Me as a Coach

My name is Melchor Albarran. I have been coaching soccer for about 14 years.  I started my coaching career at Laton Middle School as a Recreational coach.  Went to Lemoore YSA for Recreational soccer and have been coaching on the competitive level for the last 5 years.

I’ve always loved playing and watching soccer. One of the reasons that got me coaching for LYSA was due to the interest of my children that wanted to play, but wanted me to coach them. I wanted to provide a positive and learning environment for them to enjoy and learn.

In my years of coaching, I have seen how some recreational coaches forget that it’s not about them, but about the kids that are playing and they ensure that they learned a new skill or enjoy participating and having had a great experience.

My son is currently playing on the competitive team for the U11 boys. We have had a great season and finished the association cup losing in the Championship game.

That game humbled me as a coach, because as I was ready to cry for my boys!  They instead wanted to celebrate the fact that they made it to the championship game. They felt they had accomplished their goal and just finished one short. Overall, they showed me how much they matured and how much fun they had at the association cup.

I’ve enjoyed coaching this group of boys, and feel that in the long term we will build a team that everyone in and outside of California will know when they get older. I plan to provide them with the right training so that they can continue to grow and get better. To learn discipline and always remember that school comes first and soccer comes second.

Coaching takes discipline, patience, consistency, organization, and commitment.

Thank you,  Melchor Albarran U11 LYSA Boys

Editor’s Note: Melchor was also named D-7 Boys Coach of the Year-2016 

Dealing with Missed Calls

During soccer games, referees make countless decisions and signal correctly.  At times however, officials can be seen pointing in the wrong direction, missing a flag from an assistant, blowing the

Pat Ferre
District-7 Youth Referee Administrator

whistle when it is not needed or showing cards when they could have used an alternate way to handle a situation.

We are all human and are bound to make mistakes but it is how we explain our decisions, how quickly we correct them and how often we make them that determines how effective we are at successfully controlling the games we are asked to orchestrate.

Click here for examples of common errors by officials.

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SunPower and Fundamental Soccer Helping Players

SunPower by QHS and FUN Soccer Enterprises. have formed an alliance to create greater opportunity for Players  to experience the sport of soccer.

Families looking for ways to lower their monthly electric bills can find a simple, cost effective, and environmentally friendly way to do this. You can support our partnership by inviting SunPower by QHS to demonstrate the benefits of solar in your home. With each new solar system that you or your referral purchases, SunPower by Quality Home Services will donate $500 to the FUN Soccer Scholarship Fund Program.

For additional information regarding this opportunity, please contact Karl Dewazien at 559-447-1869.

A Coach’s Plea (Part 4)

One of my parents’ great gifts to me was their unwavering support of my coaches. They never wrote a letter, made a complaint phone call or disrespected a coach – even when my eyes stung and I desperately needed it to be someone else’s fault. It was my team, my game, my experience to have.

I learned early on that my coach was neither my parent nor my friend. I admired them and sought their praise. I hated them sometimes, too. If I thought I deserved a higher standing on that team, it was up to me to earn it. My parents sure weren’t going to earn it for me. 

Criticizing your child’s coach might simply be a reflection of your insecurities or long-held regrets as a former player. That’s okay. We all have them. As adults we can understand this, but as a child, your daughter does not. She is being pulled in opposing directions between her team and her parent’s opinion of her team.

On her team, she is finding her identity and her place among her peers. It is here she will decide if that place makes her feel whole and satisfied, or if it makes her edgy and hungry for more.

Let her discover this, on her own.

Let her play. 

Coach A. Bilson  

Please Do Not Ever Forget That…

The Outcome of Our Children Is Infinitely More Important Than

The Outcome of Any Game They Will Ever Play! -Karl Dewazien