Letter from the Commissioner

Well the World Cup is over, many teams had large squads of players, and many players never played a single minute. Let us not learn from this, every player that is on your Youth Roster should get to play.

There are new formations, different names for positions but what did we learn? Building from the back was done as much as possible. In U10 the build out line sets the tone to teach ball control, team play and lots of short passes, U8 play 4 vs. 4 giving opportunities for all players to get multiple touches on the ball.

As US Soccer mandates are the rule for all soccer in the USA. Let us all embrace the mandates and play all the players, teach building from the back and ball control.

And for Coaching Development the District-7 Coaching/Recreation Programs have created 2 ‘new’ courses for Leagues to request:

Hope you all have a wonderful fall season!

John Hodgson

Between The Posts in D7

Podcast Host Tyler Vaughan wrote,

“Koach Karl’s ability to paint the picture for listeners is one of the best I have ever heard. Koach’s commitment to the ‘Player-First’ mindset not only will inspire your next season but also challenge what has become the over complication of a simple game.

“On behalf of Renegade GK’s Between The Posts’, and myself, we thank Koach Karl for taking part in our show and giving our audience his genius perspective, years of expertise, and continued dedication to our players!

“Click here to join us in this mini-series which challenges your stylistic coaching approach and encourages self-discovery.”

Are you ready for some Futbol/Soccer?

The Fall Season is right around the corner and the Playing Program Committee has set-up two instructional get-togethers for D-7 Coaches:






WEDNESDAY AUG 15, 2018 at 6PM




If you are going to Coach this season then it is extremely important for you to attend one of these sessions and learn about the changes in our rules. We will be going through the CYSA/D7 handbook as well as showing expectations that are required in the scheduling Program “GotSoccer”.  You/Coach will also receive the New/Revised CYSA/D7 Handbook and much more!

I can honestly say that this year we are way ahead of the game as bracketing is finished, and we have several new looks at the season for the younger recreational age groups.

Thank You and I look forward to seeing every D-7 coach at one of these events.

Diego Haro



One of the fatal mistakes of any young keeper as they develop is the mastery of critical technique around catching a ball. For some young keepers they just have it natural, for others, it is certainly easily learned with practice. For all of us, we must remember the technique in not only how we catch a ball but more importantly with what part of our hands we attempt to control a shot.

When catching a ball we always seek to catch first, or lead, with our fingertips. The mere sound of a keeper catching a ball with their fingertips is a stark contrast to a keeper who leads with their palms. When working on simple catching drills all you need to do is keep your ears open when catching a ball. The loud slapping noise you hear means that you are catching the ball primarily with the palms. As you age up or hit higher developmental levels this technique will likely begin to fail you as the speed of play increases.

Yet, if you are catching with the fingertips you should seek to get to a place of near silence in the catching technique. A keeper using their fingertips to catch a ball is about as sweet of a sound as there is on the pitch. Catching with the fingertips is all about complete control and with practice should be something worth developing.

Tyler Vaughn Renegade GK

Field Players

Soccer in Slow Motion is a method of training that involves breaking skills down into separate components, and teaching you slowly, but more efficiently.

Players see almost instant progress with the basic soccer skills and are soon ready to learn more advanced moves. They learning ways to split defenders, go around and through opponents, and build self-confidence when using this training method.

YOU will be surprised at how quickly even YOUR players can progress in picking up these new skills. Start by watching this video with your players. Then, give them a ‘homework-assignment’ to practice one-or-two of the moves in the video!

Until next time,

Louie Mata – Founder, Soccer in Slow Motion

Lessons from the World Cup

Seeing that set plays are probably the biggest single issue to come out of the World Cup because it’s decided so many of the games.  It amazes me that anyone is amazed as research was done over 50 years ago to establish this fact.. In fact between 1966 and 1986 (27) goals were scored in world cup finals.

There are 5 major reasons Set-Plays play such a vital role.

  1. A dead ball – Easier to concentrate on striking the ball.
  2. Lack of pressure – Defenders must be 10 yards at both corner kicks & free kicks.
  3. Control the action scene as you can flood the area with attackers.
  4. You can rehearse & fine tune the play.
  5. In a vital game the chances that in the final 20 minutes the winning goal coming from a set play is around 80%.

Graham Ramsay – Executive Director, The Soccer School


Errors Officials Should Avoid

Neglecting to Inspect the Playing Area

Aside from obvious reasons, officials have many excuses for putting field inspection on the back burner.  From late arrival to a site to lack of time between matches, officials can always find an excuse for not inspecting the playing area.

An official’s time spent checking a playing area for proper markings and equipment as well as safety issues (gopher holes, sprinklers, goals anchored, etc…) may be the time that will keep him/her out of court.

Delegating Rules Enforcement

  If the rules book specifies that the official is to do or deal with something, it is mandated.  Examples, checking in players prior to the start of a match to make sure they are properly dressed and equipped and are not wearing anything that may be dangerous to themselves or others.

When dealing with a possible concussion or visible blood, if the official is mandated to act, the official cannot delegate the responsibility of making a decision to anyone else.  Officials who routinely opt to delegate or consciously overlook their duties and responsibilities should think twice before doing so.

Pat Ferre – District-7 Youth Referee Administrator (DYRA)

Toxic Stress

Toxic stress is a relatively new term for an age old problem. Much is being studied, written, and taught about it. In the same vein, much is being made fun of about it, which is most unfortunate. What does this topic have to do with our futbol/soccer kids? Much actually, so please bear with me.

Toxic stress can affect all kids from intrauterine through adolescence. The connection to our young athletes is multidimensional, but prevention of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) is foremost and essential. Spending time with our kids is an over-simplified statement, but remember that “quality time” comes within the context of “quantity time.” it simply can’t be scheduled.

Carlos Flores
RN FCN, Valley Children’s Hospital

Be present and accompany your kids through life, those long hours on the sidelines does have a tremendous return on investment. Kids don’t always want to talk things out, but just being in their presence lets them see our love and caring for them. Learn how they prefer to communicate, my own sons and I found our greatest conversations on the basketball court or on the pitch just shooting shots.

Click here to read more about ACE, the Big One and how soccer is a great venue to help your futbol/soccer kid cope.

Play Hard Play Fair,


For even more information on ACE’s and how to address them, visit the American Academy of Pediatrics / The Resilience Project website: https://www.aap.org/en-us/advocacy-and-policy/aap-health-initiatives/resilience/Pages/Resilience-Project.aspx


Something to Think About

Some of the best footballers in the world today are “small in stature.”

So, when will WE stop looking at size and stature over natural ability?

And when will WE begin to realize that…

The Outcome of Our Children Is Infinitely More Important Than

The Outcome of Any Game They Will Ever Play! Karl Dewazien