District-7 Community Member,

I am hoping that you and yours are staying safe and healthy. During this time of uncertainty, know that you are not alone. We, D-7 administrators, are united in facing this challenge and helping you. I encourage everyone to follow the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and your local health officials.

We are also working closely with our State/National associations to determine if and when programming can resume.  We will share any relevant updates as they become available.

We are also working closely with our State/National associations to determine if and when programming can resume.  We will share any relevant updates as they become available. Note: “The CYSA/Cal North Board of Directors has continued the shutdown of all activities until April 31st.” 

We realize that everyone’s role in life: Coaches, players, referees and even spectators have been disrupted by this pandemic.  In times like this…with practices and games cancelled…we don’t control the inordinate downtime many of us are being forced to have.  But we can absolutely control what we do with it!

We believe that there is no better time to strengthen our bonds, to stand together (digitally), to help each other through this storm, and come out the other side stronger.

Remember, we will only win this game playing as a team, so if you really want to score; Please, #StayAtHome and let us know what WE can do to help you!   So, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.               

Your FUNdamental,

Koach Karl

Karl Dewazien

D-7 Recreation Admin.

Improve In Isolation by Keith Tabatznik

Coaches all over are doing a superb job of providing players with ways to improve during the “Coronavirus shutdown”.  While that should be their first priority it is also a perfect time for a coach to improve their own ‘game’.

Following are some ideas to help improve your coaching.

1)        Do you have a coaching philosophy?   This is the statement you make (be it private or public) that you live by as a coach. Think of it as your mission statement.

2)        Can you make your training sessions more effective?  Regardless of the level you coach or the amount of years you have coached – self-reflection is a key to improving. After each training session asking yourself what went right, what could have gone better and how will you make it better should be part and parcel of your “job”. Now take a look at some of your favorite sessions and ask yourself the following 3 questions:  (click: FUNdamental SOCCER)

3)        Practice your ability to analyze a game and improve your players.       While we are all being kept away from our players and teams for the time being, we can really improve ourselves – hence improve our players by doing exactly what we are asking of them – practice by yourself. Above are just 3 areas where you can improve yourself as a coach.

Betters Coaches = Better Players = Better Teams

Good luck, stay healthy and remember this:

“When we are through learning, we are through – period.”

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Ground Combinations

First, our hearts go out to all affected by the coronavirus. We know it presents a number of challenges and we hope that we can be a helpful part of your time learning new skills from home.

And on that note, in challenging times, as soccer players we adapt… or rather, we do more of what we already do at SISM! So if you haven’t had the chance to learn ground combinations then there’s no better time than now. We’ve found a good compilation video to enjoy with players from around the world. So find a combination that you like and try it out. You only need a small area in your house to practice these ball control skills. (Click here to view video.)

We’ve covered how these skills benefit players on the soccer field, so I won’t repeat the lessons here. However two quick take a ways are: 1) Increased creativity and 2) Transitioning from one skill to the next under pressure becomes second nature.

Stay safe and until next month!

Coach Louie Mata and the SISM team

Helpful Resource

My internet friend, Nicolas Decaup, provided the following FUNtastic information & site for D-7 coaches to check out:

Nicolas recommends that you print the workbook, load it on their computer or mobile device and for the players to take notes, write all over the workbook, test and evaluate themselves and watch some great videos.

The workbooks can be located by using the following links:

Handbook #1
Handbook #2
Handbook #3
He encourages our players to be active during this period…&…it would be more fun if you would join in with them.

What Should WE Do

John O’Sullivan sent me his answer to the question, “During These Trying Times, What Should WE Do?”

His, “How to Help Your Athletes During COVID-19 Webinar.”  addresses the needs of our D-7 coaches current predicament of reaching/teaching our players.

John began his response by quoting advice he received from, Madeline Levine years ago about parenting, which was…

 Define success and expectations

Help your athletes understand:

o What they are going thru right now

o What they can control

o How the can best use their time

o Keep them and their parents in the loop

He continued with…

  • Enforce limits and consequences
  • Honor health and well being
  • Expect best effort and focus on process
  • Never rupture relationships
  • Build a sense of purpose and responsibility

And with your team you can…

  • Assign: Individual work they can do on their own or with family/siblings
  • Assign: Strength and conditioning work they can do
  • Suggest: A video each week to motivate them
  • Create: A contest to inspire them
  • Suggest: A book to read or documentary to watch

If you want ALL the FUNtastic details:

 Click: “How to Help Your Athletes During COVID-19 Webinar.”

Strengthen our Bond, Stand Together..Digitally

When everyone began to realize that now is a time to strengthen our bond, stand together (digitally) and bring some calm into these uncertain times. John O’Sullivan immediately responded by sending me his very down-to-earth, “How to Help Your Athletes Webinar.”  which included…

James Leath’s, “How to Create a Virtual Practice Session.” in which suggestions are given to help our D-7 coaches reach and teach their players.  Here are some of his highlights:


  • Commit to Support and Teach
  • Create a Group Chat
  • Choose a video platform
  • Create a Practice Schedule
  • Organizing the Session

-The First Session

-Typical Sessions

 Click for additional details: “How to Help Your Athletes During COVID-19 Webinar.”



Note to ALL D7 leagues, referee assignors and other interested individuals

D7 Grassroots Entry Level Referee Course

With the decision having been made to postpone all sports competitions, the D7 office decided to use this opportunity to sponsor a Grassroots referee course.

With schools being out and by making use of social media, leagues and referee assignors should have a much better chance of recruiting and starting to train referees before the start of competition.

The course has been paid for, it is listed on the website and is temporarily listed for completion on July 11.

Anyone 13 years or older may sign up NOW and start the online sessions.

Until all current virus-related restrictions are lifted, there is no official date or time limit for completing the online sessions at this time.  Therefore, the location and times of the REQUIRED field session within D7 will be determined later and passed on to those who are signed up.

Interested individuals should not procrastinate.  They should sign up as soon as possible and get the online sessions done as quickly as possible.

People 18 or older should focus first on getting their background check done to make sure they will be cleared prior to the field session.

There continues to be a shortage of referees and this is a good opportunity to beat the bushes and find some interested individuals.  Share this information with them.

Any questions please use the contact information below.

Patrick Ferre


(559) 280-3654

Staying Connected!

Dear All in District 7

I know these times are very troublesome for you all, new phrases are everyday phrases, with “Social Distancing” being the main one.

So during this crisis it’s time to embrace communication.  We all use email, text messages and phone calls. Let us maximize the electronic means available to us all. League Board meetings could be held electronically. This could involve conference calls or video conferencing.

You can have fun with video conferencing by wearing your favorite team gear or changing your background to many different options.

Last Friday I had a video chat with 3 other soccer people; one had Old Trafford as the background.

CYSA/Cal North has been sending out soccer related articles and activity items, please make use of all the options available.

But mainly I hope all of you in our soccer family remain safe and well.


“The Outcome of Our Health is Infinitely More Important…

Than the Outcome of any Game/Practice We Will Need to Cancel!” Koach Karl