Evolution of our Players

The Selma United U-18 Girls are winners of the “California President’s Cup” and have been asked to represent our state at the prestigious “Far West Presidents Cup Region IV” championship to be held in Salt Lake City Utah from June 11 until June 17, 2018.

The team is facing a huge financial hurdle and needs your help.  If you are able, we would love to receive a charitable contribution from you!  You can make a donation to our non-profit organization by either:

– Sending a check to: Selma Youth Soccer League, 3701 Olive St. Selma, CA 93662

– Online at: Go Fund Me

– Call: 559-301-5395

Thank you for helping in our effort to make our team’s dream come true & Please let others know about our financial need!


Diego Haro, (Head Coach)

Craig Kent (Assistant Coach)

Evolution of our Coaches

We are all charged with the responsibility to ensure that players in District 7 are provided with the best opportunities to fulfill their dreams.

 To do this D-7 is now offering “F” & “E” courses where Coaches will kick-about:

  • Instilling the ‘Love of the Game’ into each player!
  • The long term process needed for players to develop into elite players.
  • Running ability appropriate rather than age appropriate training session.
  • Recognizing that proper training and fair competition are essential to player success.

 We have studied the methods used by those countries which have achieved success in developing soccer players on a consistent basis. It is a methodical method that will teach D-7 coaches how to easily challenge their players at each and every practice. Consideration of what should be coached, when, for how long and how often, and much more is covered in these two courses.

Simply have your League fill-out the application TODAY!!

Evolution of our Referees

Grade 8 Referee Courses coming up.

Saturday  June 23  8 a.m.  Millview School in Madera

Contact:  Christina Dusan  559-681-9327


Saturday  July 14  8 a.m.  Hanford Youth Soccer Office

Contact:  Michael Popp  805-861-3102


Saturday  July 21  8 a.m.  Rio Vista School Fresno

Contact Antonio Tovar  559-903-5166


The Grade 8 course is 9 hours long.  Attendance to ALL 9 hours is MANDATORY (no excuses) and no make ups allowed.

Students have one week after the last meeting to complete a 50 question test online.  Must pass with 80% (40 correct answers).

Registration for the courses is open NOW by going to CNRA.net (Become a Referee).

Questions?  Contact the contact person listed above or Pat Ferre at 559-280-3654.

In case you didn’t know…

A reinvention of a classic model with a brand-new panel design and the latest technology: in an exciting re-imagining, adidas today revealed the official match ball for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™, which pays homage to the first-ever adidas World Cup ball. The Telstar 18 evokes unforgettable memories of the 1970 FIFA World Cup™ – and of legends like Pelé, Gerd Müller, Giacinto Facchetti, Pedro Rocha and Bobby Moore – and will feed the dreams of those who will play for football’s most coveted prize in Russia.

The name of the original Telstar came from its status as the “star of television”. The first ball to be decorated with black panels, the pattern was designed to stand out on black-and-white TVs, and changed football design forever.

Almost 50 years later, Telstar 18 features a brand new carcass, high technology and sustainable elements such as recycled packaging. It also includes an embedded NFC chip, which enables consumers to interact with the ball using a smartphone. The personalized and location-aware experience displays specific details of each ball and provides access to challenges which users can enter in the run-up to the FIFA World Cup™.

World Cup & Soccer in Slow Motion

We often get asked what types of services Soccer in Slow Motion provides and one of the most exciting ones is event entertainment. This summer we will be sharing our skills across the US for a variety of World Cup viewing parties.

Several of our players will be performing at World Cup viewing parties in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. We will also be joining Adobe, Inc. for a fitness day for the employees, running a street soccer competition on June 30th in San Jose for Telemundo.  Plans are currently in-the-works to present our services in District-7 after the World Cup!

Louie Mata
Founder – SISM

Our Alejandra from the Bay Area was selected as a “soccer influencer” by Coca-Cola and will be traveling to Russia! She will be on the field for the pregame ceremony when Mexico takes on Sweden on June 27th.

So not only does the development of skills benefit players in their soccer matches, but it opens up opportunities that many would never have imagined! So keep an eye on our SISM social media pages as we continue on our journey of training using the “FUNdamental SOCCER 9-Step Practice to build new young stars who will work their way to performing with their refined skills!

Click here for the rest of my article with videos on SISM & our WC highlights

SunPower and Fundamental Soccer Helping Players

SunPower by QHS and FUN Soccer Enterprises. have formed an alliance to create greater opportunity for Players  to experience the sport of soccer.

Families looking for ways to lower their monthly electric bills can find a simple, cost effective, and environmentally friendly way to do this. You can support our partnership by inviting SunPower by QHS to demonstrate the benefits of solar in your home. With each new solar system that you or your referral purchases, SunPower by Quality Home Services will donate $500 to the FUN Soccer Scholarship Fund Program.

For additional information regarding this opportunity, please contact Karl Dewazien at 559-447-1869.

The Heat is On!

Being born and raised right here in the Central Valley, this kid at heart was born to love the heat. In the days when virtual reality was actual reality, and first person video games weren’t invented yet, all of us rug rats played outdoors with neighborhood friends with the heat of the valley being something we acclimated to. Our young athletes today also need to acclimate to this annual weather change.

So take it slow and watch for danger signs out on the pitch. Water is essential for all that we do. It helps our muscles, brain, digestion, in fact our entire body, to function properly. Young athletes are particularly susceptible to dehydration as kids have a lower sweating capacity and produce more heat during activity. All of this adds to an increase in insensible water loss, that’s water that is lost through sweating, even our breath loses water.

The problem with not enough fluids is it will affect how we feel, how well we perform, and can in fact, put us in danger. Dehydration can lead to lower performance, fatigue, muscle cramps, nausea/vomiting, or worse, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Remember, If you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. So thirst is not what we should be waiting for to take a few gulps of water. The trick is to regularly hydrate, before, during, and after activity.

Carlos Flores
RN FCN, Valley Children’s Hospital

So, on the way to the pitch, drink plenty of water to hydrate up. Then, during play every 20 minutes, take in 10-20 gulps of water, after play, continue to replenish with water. Sports drinks are ok, but most have a high sugar content. Absolutely do not drink caffeine drinks (energy drinks) or soda with caffeine, as these will actually cause additional dehydration. A good sign that we’re hydrated enough is urine should be a light yellow or colorless (like water). If it’s dark yellow, drink more.

Advocate with your coach and the referee’s before the match about scheduled water breaks, this is allowed in the rulebook and should be adhered to. keep water readily available in an ice chest on the sideline, also throw in a few washcloths to wipe down and cool off hot faces. For additional information, check out the two video links below. Planning ahead is always a game changer. And certainly, remember to play hard and play safe.

Do Not Forget

Please Do Not Ever Forget That…

The Outcome of Our Children Is Infinitely More Important Than The Outcome of Any Game They Will Ever Play! Karl Dewazien