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D-7 F&E Procedure Sheet

There are a few steps you need to take in order to make your Coaching Course successful.

Step 1. Survey your soccer community for interest

  • Secure facility
  • Arrange for Event Necessities
    • White Board or Flip Chart
    • Safe Playing Area
    • Erasable Markers
    • Practice Equipment
    • Restrooms
    • Age Group Players
    • Restrooms

Step 2.  Fill-out ‘D-7 Event Request Sheet

Step 3.  Contact assigned instructor/speaker

  • Cover specific details:
    • Directions to location
    • Number of participants expected
    • Best means of communicating until the event happens

Step 4.  Advertise the event & pre-register individuals

  • Pre-registration IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
  • If you realize that an insufficient # will attend — begin a phone campaign

Step 5.  Contact instructor/speaker (again) to cover any/all Final Details! 

Step 6.  Day of the Event

  • Local ‘On-site-representative’ must be in attendance throughout the whole event to:
    • Open classroom
    • Open restrooms
    • Help with administrative duties, etc.

Step 7.  After the Event

  • Send an evaluation of the event to D-7 office to help us improve future courses!!!

Click here to download and print the D-7 “F” & “E” Coaching Course Request Form.

Click here to download and print the D-7 “F” & “E” Coaching Course Procedure Sheet.