Letter to the Editor

I had an American U-15 team here in Holland early August to play against a Japanese U-14 team that we had here for a one week camp.

This American team came here to participate in a yearlong German program to become professional players. They brought along some parents and I had the opportunity to sit next to them in the stands during the game.

They looked only at the result of the team and especially of their kids; complained about the coach because he took their kid out and put another one in; etc. etc.

The team won 6-0 which showed that the opponent was very inferior.  The coach should find better teams to play against his so called, “stars”.

After the game we were sitting together with parents and coach and had a coffee. No comments to him just compliments…………. So different then what I see and hear from parents here in Holland.

Kind regards / met vriendelijke groet,

Ton de Hoop

Counselor Winning Mood

Remember that…
The Outcome of Our Children Is Infinitely More Important Than The Outcome of Any Game They Will Ever Play!
-Koach Karl