The Playing Program is nearly at the end of its Season – especially for the older age groups.  All ages will be concluded by November 21st

Getting out of covid lockdown was a great relief for many, though some still had major worries and concerns.  The number of players that came back to soccer throughout District 7 is an excellent testament to the energy, drive, and hard work all Leagues put in.  Without the Leagues getting the players and making the teams, the Playing Program would have no one to participate.

So, thank you!

Our numbers in the Playing League were not as large as in previous years – which gave us all some challenges.  For the Playing Program, the mix of travel and Rec teams due to the number of entries gave us concern and led to some games having excessively high scores.   We are hopeful that the emails that went out gave Coaches some things to think about regarding options rather than just running up a high score.

We all should be mindful that our primary purpose is to show and promote a positive sporting attitude to encourage all who participate to enjoy the experience and want to come back and play again.

As in all seasons, we have had some games to reschedule though only a couple were due to teams not being able to play as they were in covid-isolation.  The biggest reason for our rescheduling was the poor air quality. It was great to see the quick response taken towards the health and well-being of the players.  Almost every game postponed the weekend of October 2nd / 3rd has been rescheduled, allowing the teams to get as much playing time as possible.

Although not yet at an end, the Fall season has been very successful. We are hopeful of an even stronger / successful Spring League.  I want to thank all who took part this season.  Thank you to the players, the coaches, the field and referee coordinators, other League representatives, and the supporters for taking part and making it the success it has been.

Enjoy the rest of the Season and watch this space as we will soon be advertising our Spring Season.