On the far right, Albert Abrahamian came to the Fresno area at 16, shortly after WW II. He was born in the Ukraine of Armenian descent.  His two loves were Family and Soccer.  He worked for Montgomery Ward for over 35 years, but in his spare time (LOL), he helped as a FIFA Referee.  When Youth Soccer was just getting started in the late ’60s and ’70s, Albert was in charge of the FIFA Referees in our area. He helped train the youth Referees along with many High School and College Referees.

Many of our early Referees, Referee coordinators, and District officers were trained by Albert–  Karl Dewazien, Hunter Arikara, Doug Wood, and Tom Metry, just to name a few.  Albert’s Legacy lives on.  He went on to play at the Great Soccer Field in the Sky on August 2, 2021.

Many in his family, Alice (his wife), his children (Linda, Angela, Greg), and his grandchildren, may grieve at his passing.  We, his friends through soccer, can only rejoice in his friendship and help.  We hope that one day we may join him up there on the greenest grass you can imagine.

PS    “Albert was the guy you could trust.  He always called a spade a spade.” Tom Metry