There is nothing stronger than having FAITH in each other and having FAITH that things will turn out right and currently things must turn out right because we need to:

Have FAITH that the season will soon begin and …


Fundamentals – Use the ‘9-Step Practice’ to ingrain both Attacking/Defending habits.

Attitude – See Players as students, Referees as impartial and Parents as family.

Improve your knowledge of player development, the game and the rules.

Teamwork – Work cooperatively with other adults

Homework – Do it to improve yourself in order to improve your players.


Fundamentals without them you are nothing!

Attitude must be positive to learn the fundamentals.

Intelligent application of fundamentals and attitude are essential.

Teamwork – You can’t do it by yourself.

Hard work – You must practice/play soccer every day.


No need for FAITH because you are omnipotent according to FIFA.


Fun is what you need when making and applying the rules keeping the players in mind.

Attitude must be proper and always putting the children/players first.

Intelligent rules must be developed in order to keep the children/players safe.

Teamwork is your bottom line when working with other adults.

Hard work is needed because just having a title does not accomplish the job!


Forget attending a game if you are having a bad day.

Attend games only after a night of alcoholic bingeing.

Inner peace – We promise that the game & your child will turn out OK.

Tape – Duct tape around the mouth seems to do the job.

Home – is where some adults should be while their child is playing.

More FAITH-full recommendations for Coaches, Players, Referees, Administrators and Parents will be shared at the:

D-7 Soccer Chatboree on October 20th starting at 7:07 p.m.