So we are now moving into the 6th month of Covid-19 living.  Who would’ve thought this time last year 2020 would have panned out as it has!

At one point it looked like we were moving in a positive direction to getting back to practice and play, but the middle of July saw a reversal of that.

It is a difficult time for Leagues and Coaches to even think about encouraging players to sign up and many parents are probably unwilling to sign their child up as they want to protect their children from the virus.  We at D7 are trying to stay positive that at some point in 2020 there will be some soccer played but we know that is reliant on the spread of the virus and the instructions the State, Counties and Cities give us.

We could write this year off and move on to working for 2021.  Some groups have either done that or decided they will postpone a decision until Winter.  If there is the slightest chance Soccer can be played this year then District 7 PP will encourage you to try and grasp it and help in any way we can.

If true soccer is not possible maybe we find an alternative, for example flag soccer or nerf soccer so contact is kept to a minimum.

Exercise and Sport is very important for everyone, not just youth, as it promotes good health, positive mental functions, boosts energy, helps with sleep and can be fun and social (when we are allowed to be). And for that reason as soon as we are able to offer anything from the District playing program we will do.

We will probably not be able to offer a season as we usually do but we will look to offer something.

Stay Safe all and Stay Positive!

D7 Playing Program