What’s Your Motto?

Chris Stewart:

My team motto (and my personal life motto) is “Try hard. Do your best. Have fun.

I talk about these three basic points ALL THE TIME. I find that by reinforcing them each and every touch (text, email, phone call, practice, game) that I lead my entire team family (not just players but parents, even grandparents) to understand that this team is about way more than winning or losing, trophies or awards. It is about life.

And life has winners and losers. Life is not fair. Fair is a fantasy. And losing is a wonderful teacher.  “Success has a thousand mothers, and failure is an orphan.” By keeping it at this level, everyone buys in. Leave the fleeting external motivators out of it.

Foster the internal. That is where it needs to come from anyway if a player is going to achieve his or her potential.

Koach Karl:

Currently:  The Outcome of Our Children’s Health…Is Infinitely More Important Than the Outcome of any Game/Practice We Will Need to Cancel!”

 Lifetime: The Outcome of our Children…Is Infinitely More Important Than the Outcome of any Game They Will Ever Play! 

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