5 Keys



If you are looking for a short-cut through the corona virus crisis, you won’t find it. The only way out is through!  This is an obstacle in all of our lives with no timeline, but underneath it lies an opportunity.

It is an opportunity to get better!

Here are 5 keys to an effective home-play routine.
  1. Write it Down-Writing down the schedule keeps us all focused and accountable. If it’s not written down, then we will simply forget. Our mind gets comfort when it SEES the plan that we set.  If our schedule constantly changes, then write down a few different scenarios. We can always go back and check the scorecard of “when” something needs to be doneEverything you need to know to hate Daylight Saving Time as much ...
  1. Set Time Limits-Our schedule here is set up in approximately 2-hour segments. Having chunks of time allows some leeway if our own work schedule gets in the way and it provides buffer room for transition time.
  1. Create Habits-It’s a perfect time to set up to tackle and improve on some personal weaknesses or build on the strengths. If we make it a daily occurrence, then it becomes a habit. We function best with the habits that we create.Outside clipart active play, Outside active play Transparent FREE ...
  2. Exercise & Fun-You just need some space either outside or indoors.  It’s important to have personal and friend time included.  The most important tool to home-play during the corona virus crisis is having a routine. Fun needs to be part of this routine. They have to have an escape and be able to connect with others.
  1. Perfection is the enemy-Too often, we fail to set a standard because we don’t want to fail the standard. This is stinkin’ thinking… Spoiler alert- The routine you establish will break down at some point and you’ll have to adjust.

Perfection is the enemy of good!

Having a routine means doing your best to create structure, comfort, and discipline for your kids/players. In order to home-play during the corona virus crisis, it is imperative to set up a routine. When it is in place, they will be more receptive to learning, changes, and setbacks.