I have been told by my optometrist that 20/20 is perfect vision. So I think that we should all use that physical philosophy as a focus for the upcoming year!!

It is my New Year’s Eve resolution to see that we try to attain a perfect vision for our future for our membership, as well as all of the kids that we are responsible for.

We have a bunch of folks that are moving this program in the right direction, coaching staff is ready to go with clinics to help with the improvement of our capabilities to help our youth understand the worlds game, just need our leagues to set up coaching clinics asap!!

We also have another opportunity to help with the leagues to hold refereeing courses to improve the outcome of all matches. This is a simple wish that I am hoping the soccer gods hear and we will be able to make it happen.

Remember it takes just a little bit of thinking outside the box and great things can happen! So Please Remember 2020 is our future!! Wishing all of you my best for the upcoming year…. !!!