Graham’s Guidance

The world of iPhones has changed the landscape how we relate to each other & this is especially true when it comes to teams. iPhones rule and condition how we relate to each other.

Let me give you an easy example – A team’s bus or dressing rooms were always alive with debate, banter and discussing the game. That’s virtually a thing of the past as everyone is eyes down on their devices. Maybe the most vital moments in a team coming together is on away games and in the hour prior to the game.  Pep Guardiola recently talked about it in a BBC interview; the need for verbal energy in the dressing room.

For this reason iPhones are banned and more and more teams are limiting their use prior to training sessions and games. We need to interact with each other big time at these moments.

Another critical reason for staying away from using iPhones is their impact on visual skills of players. Without knowing it by overuse means players are concentrating their vision to an inverted state. That is your vision focuses inwardly as your eyes focus into the phone. The problem is when players spend too much time on them and it impacts your peripheral vision. The key visual skills when playing games like soccer where you need wide & deep vision to see game patterns all around you.

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