Evolution of our Coaches

We are all charged with the responsibility to ensure that players in District 7 are provided with the best opportunities to fulfill their dreams.

 To do this D-7 is now offering “F” & “E” courses where Coaches will kick-about:

  • Instilling the ‘Love of the Game’ into each player!
  • The long term process needed for players to develop into elite players.
  • Running ability appropriate rather than age appropriate training session.
  • Recognizing that proper training and fair competition are essential to player success.

 We have studied the methods used by those countries which have achieved success in developing soccer players on a consistent basis. It is a methodical method that will teach D-7 coaches how to easily challenge their players at each and every practice. Consideration of what should be coached, when, for how long and how often, and much more is covered in these two courses.

Simply have your League fill-out the application TODAY!!