World Cup Entertainment & Sissi

Well it’s July which means we have seen lots of World Cup action! At Soccer in Slow Motion we’ve enjoying sharing the advanced ball control skills around the US (See New York) for World Cup viewing parties! And everywhere we go we’re often surprised by the skill level of players who come join us at events. Today’s youth players are showing more advanced skills, we see more players with street soccer skills. And along with the sharing of skills we also get to meet soccer celebrities!

Louie Mata
Founder – SISM

We held a street soccer event for Telemundo in San Jose, California! One of the highlights from this event was getting the chance to play with the Brazilian superstar, and captain of the women’s World Cup Team, Sissi! It was definitely a highlight of my summer! I got to play on the court with one of the biggest names in women’s soccer history, I was like the star struck kid for a moment!

We head out again soon for more events where we’re going to look to highlight youth talent as we head back to New York, Miami, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Fresno, CA. in the upcoming weeks!

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