Enforcing Safety Rules

In the modern world of officiating, officials are becoming more involved in legal responsibilities.  This article covers five errors that officials should avoid making.

Failing to enforce safety rules. 

1. Just like the playing rules, officials must know the safety rules associated with the sport and enforce them. Some venues, like enclosed stadiums help officials with safety issues while some of the more informal sites, such as many used for weekend activities, present challenges and will test the officials.

Pat Ferre
District-7 Youth Referee Administrator (DYRA)

2. Without physical barriers such as walls or fences, officials are often on their own to enforce safety issues and prevent any injury from occurring.

3. Players, coaching staff and spectators standing too close to a field are at a greater risk of injury caused by a player or official running into them or getting hit by a ball.

4. Neglecting to follow and enforce safety rules due to the informality of a site or sport is a good way to start paving the way to a court case.

5. Allowing players to participate while wearing jewelry is another typical example of officials neglecting to follow safety rules.