Letter from the Commissioner

Well the World Cup is over, many teams had large squads of players, and many players never played a single minute. Let us not learn from this, every player that is on your Youth Roster should get to play.

There are new formations, different names for positions but what did we learn? Building from the back was done as much as possible. In U10 the build out line sets the tone to teach ball control, team play and lots of short passes, U8 play 4 vs. 4 giving opportunities for all players to get multiple touches on the ball.

As US Soccer mandates are the rule for all soccer in the USA. Let us all embrace the mandates and play all the players, teach building from the back and ball control.

And for Coaching Development the District-7 Coaching/Recreation Programs have created 2 ‘new’ courses for Leagues to request:

Hope you all have a wonderful fall season!

John Hodgson