One of the most critical aspects of any soccer player is their voice. Though, we may argue that as keepers it is essential to not only your success in goal but also your ability to progress developmentally throughout your career.

As keepers we are the quarterbacks of our squad, we see the entire pitch from the most comprehensive perspective. Your ability to appropriately organize and instruct the players in front of you will be the difference between winning and losing, picking a ball up for a goal kick or picking it up out of the net. Here are a few keys to communicating as a keeper:

Be Clear: Reinforce your demands in every training session so your players are ready during match play

Be Concise: Simple communication and the use of single words where applicable is best. While others are making active decisions, a player cannot decode complicated instructions in the moment. Simple, concise communication always results in better understanding between a keeper and his mates.

Be Demanding: Now there are many words that describe keepers but the last one you want beside your name in the locker room is NICE.

Let’s face it, soccer is an emotional game full of controlled chaos. Instead of asking politely in the 90th minute it may be better to take a more direct approach.

Remember, You Are the Quarterback, You Call the Plays!