Errors Officials Should Avoid

Neglecting to Inspect the Playing Area

Aside from obvious reasons, officials have many excuses for putting field inspection on the back burner.  From late arrival to a site to lack of time between matches, officials can always find an excuse for not inspecting the playing area.

An official’s time spent checking a playing area for proper markings and equipment as well as safety issues (gopher holes, sprinklers, goals anchored, etc…) may be the time that will keep him/her out of court.

Delegating Rules Enforcement

  If the rules book specifies that the official is to do or deal with something, it is mandated.  Examples, checking in players prior to the start of a match to make sure they are properly dressed and equipped and are not wearing anything that may be dangerous to themselves or others.

When dealing with a possible concussion or visible blood, if the official is mandated to act, the official cannot delegate the responsibility of making a decision to anyone else.  Officials who routinely opt to delegate or consciously overlook their duties and responsibilities should think twice before doing so.

Pat Ferre – District-7 Youth Referee Administrator (DYRA)