The hidden gem of great goalkeepers lies in their ability to navigate their area. In nearly every training session across the globe keepers are indirectly working on their footwork. Learning the technique around moving from point A to point B in between your posts will determine the extent of your career. A step wrong and you’re too slow to react. A step left instead of right, your balance is off, and the save unlikely.

Remember, when working on even the simplest of drills to the most complex tactical creations of your coaches, sound footwork will be what makes or breaks your ability to consistently stop shots. We always encourage our keepers to emphasize speed and agility movements in the off-season as this is one way to really increase your balance and mobility. As keepers we must remain agile enough to make split second decision that hurry our bodies across the 6-yard box at a moment’s notice. Proper footwork will always give you the best chance at making the save. Footwork is the difference between raising the trophy or packing it up for the off-season without silverware.