Yes we have had several teams within our membership that played at the highest level of their bracket in the Founders Cup. I’m really proud to say that these teams competed at their level with the best in the recreational program of Cal North.

It’s always amazing how our membership of D7 seems to end up where they are in the top level of play for this event. I would just like say congratulations to those participated. And to just remember that taking your home team to an event of this magnitude and be successful is a great accomplishment!!  Congrats to all who went and “ Kicked Some Grass”. Thanks

Founders’ Cup Champions:

U 19 G   Clovis Crossfire -Broncos

U 16 G   Clovis Crossfire -Comets

U 14 B    Fresno Metro- Eason


Founders’ Cup Runners-up:

U 16 G   Mtn. Area -Rush

U 14G     Clovis -Crossfire

U 14 B    N. Fresno -Mambas


What is the Founders’ Cup?

Cal North Founders’ Cup is a cup competition created specifically for Cal North Recreational-level teams. The Founders’ Cup tournament operates in a format similar to the other Cal North Cups that were established for the Competitive-level teams (State Cup, Presidents Cup and Association Cup). All eligible Cal North Recreational teams may apply to participate in this tournament. The Cal North Founders’ Cup hosts brackets in the U14, U16 and U19 age groups.