Join Our ‘Think Tank Group!’

Hey all I just wanted to say thanks to all that participated in the D7 Fall   Playing Program and as well all the local In-house leagues!! This Season ran a lot smoother… I firmly believe it’s because our membership is getting use to the rules and the scheduling program, we have now have used it for Four seasons.

We have found several issues that will be addressed by the Playing Program Committee and brought to the BOD hopefully in January, the issues we found are going to require the help of Got Soccers IT department.

I will be heading up a ‘Think Tank Group’ to talk about our Mercy Rule! If you would like to be part of this forum please contact the D7 office Via email at: .  We haven’t set a date or time yet but it will be very soon!!

Or, email me your thoughts and ideas as soon as possible. If you have any case studies or statistics to share send them to me at:

Thanks again for your continued support for our kids….!