COACH – Be somebody who makes every player feel like they are special because they truly are…!

For me to be part of the growth of young soccer players is a privilege and a big responsibility that I never took lightly.

In my eyes, I feel a strong obligation to do well by the young players that give me a remarkable opportunity to share my knowledge of soccer and life with them.

Unfortunately there are coaches/people out there that it seems as if they feel soccer players belong to them. Well, it is not true. We coaches are here for the players and the players are not here for us. We must always do everything possible and then some to empower, inspired and guide those young soccer players towards excellence as players and people.

Those so called coaches that restrict the opportunity and possibly soccer development of “their” players by not allowing them to be exposed to other soccer opportunities are, in my eyes, committing a violation of the pledge of enlightenment every coach must abide to. Players’ progress and wellbeing come first, we coaches come last, period.

My friend and former State Director of Coaching in California Karl Dewazien always said:  “The Outcome of children is infinitely more important than the outcome of any game children will ever play!”

Fernando Rodriguez Sanchez

Perhaps those coaches that still do not get it yet should read 17th-century philosophers such as Descartes, Locke, and Newton and hopefully that will help them see clearly what our job as coaches of young people is.

All the best.

Fernando Rodriguez Sanchez,

Coach for Sporting Valley, Overland Park, Kansas